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Welcome to, one of the most comprehensive (and nerdy) resource dealing with real money gambling topics online. The goal of our website is to provide visitors with an overvie of the main types of online gambling includin poker rooms, online casinos, sports bettin and bingo websites. I each section, Gambling Nerd will provide you with an overview of th industry as well as articles, tips an reviews to help you both become a better player an also ensure that you only sign up at the bes sites in each respective niche.

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By providing you with a wealth o well researched content, you can be sure that when you sign up at a Gambling Ner approved site you will be playing at one of the industries safest and most respected brands. Below we have provided a detailed overview of some of th main online gambling markets to provide you with some insight into playing a wid variety of games online.

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  • Online Casinos

One of the oldest and most entertaining online gambling markets is by far the online casino market which has progressed significantly over the last 10 years and we're seeing great new online casino sites. What was onc a seedy and unreliable industry for the player ha changed into a secure and stable environment with a ton of excellent operators working in the market. Online casinos allow you to place bets on a number of differen casino games just like you would i a regular land based casino, however as the name suggest all of the wagering is done entirely online. This is great for a player who can lo on and play right away from the comfort of their own home without havin to make the journey to a local casino.

Mobile Gaming - Betting On Your Phone!

By far the most convenient way to play casino games, bet or play poker online is by using your mobile. provides a complete list of the top gambling sites for mobile users with pages specific for blackjack, poker, betting, slots, roulett and more. You can use any of the links below to find the page that best suits your needs and mobile device.

Perhaps on of the biggest incentives to playing onlin versus live is the fact that you will get to take advantage of casino bonuses which are cash incentives offered to a player to sign up with one brand ove another. Because the online market is so competitive all online casinos started offering bonuses to their players so these days you will always be given some extra reward when you sign up t play for real money. This is a nic incentive for players and this along with all the other benefits of online casinos is covered i our casino section as well as casino deposit methods and more information on playing a wide variet of casino games.

  • Online Poker

In terms o online gambling, playing poker is by far the largest gambling market comprised of the most players and bigges operators. Ever since the poker boom largely attributed t Chris Moneymaker, the world of online poker has grown at an exponential rate and nowadays hundreds of thousands of players play the game on a daily basis. Online poker work exactly the same as the live game however the online version tends to be much faster paced with a ton more players. As with online casinos, players will also usually be offered an incentive when they sign up which is something you wouldn’t expect to find i your local poker room. This combined with excellent software and promotions at the best poker sites makes the online poker market an excellent place for players who can take advantag of more games and incentives when the play poker.

In addition to the bonuses and software, the sheer volume of online poker players creates some seriously awesome promotions. For example, most of the major poker sites in the market offer huge guaranteed tournaments every week with prize pools reaching upwards of $2,000,000. Compare this with the old days where land based tournament barely broke $1,000,000 prize pools and it’s easy to see why online poker has becom so popular. We can also see more and more players looking for poker sites with a lot of fish. In our poker section you wil find a number of articles dealing with playing poker games as well as profiles o players and reviews of some of the best poker sites in the industry. Our poker section also covers the legal aspects of playing online poker in the United States. This includes where to play legal Nevada poker online as well as other various states. We’v also provided yo wit access to some of the best sign up bonuse and bonus codes which you can use during sign-up to ensure you receiv th best offers as a player.

  • Online Sports Betting

Sports betting i one of the favourite past times of gamblers who often wish to add additional excitement t sporting events by placing a wager on the outcome of the game. Wagering on sports online is relatively easy and i done through what is know as an online sportsbook who essentially offer the odds and take wagers o the game. One of the great things about online sports betting is the fact that in comparison to Government ru operations, online sportsbooks tend to offer infinitely better lines and odds to players. This means that skilled bettors have a much better chance of making a significantly higher profit onlin in comparison to betting in live casinos o through bookies.

As a player, it’s possible t bet on almost anything online from Soccer to Hockey, Boxing, Horse Racing and many other events such as the Superbowl and Olympics. Most sportsbooks also offer future bets on a to of topics outside the traditional realm of betting ranging from celebrity break ups to Presidetial election and much more. In our sports betting section we cover all of the different sports that you can bet on online including detailed sportsbook reviews to assist you in finding a safe and reputable site to place your wagers. As wit all gambling sites, you will also be offered a bonus incentive whe creating a new sportsbook account so we’ve provided a full overview of the best bonuses available to new bettors.

  • Online Bingo

The last major area of online gambling that is done by players is i the online bingo market which is particularly popular in the UK and Spain but has begun substantial growth across the globe. One of the main reasons that bingo has become so popular online is due to a number of traditional betting operators who have developed bingo software full of excellen features such as live player chat and a number of excellent real money bingo games. Most bingo sites offer all the traditional games you’d expect to find in a bingo hall including 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball games for players. In addition to the actual bingo games, almost all bingo websites also have a number of excellent slot games that offer a good break for players waiting in between games to try and build up their bankroll and pass the time before the nex game.

Some of the most popular bingo websites in the market include Foxy Bingo, 888 Ladies, Gala Bingo and William Hill Bingo which all offer great games and bonuses for players. In terms of incentives, bingo players probably have it th best out of all the markets since almost all bing sites will giv you free money to tes ou there games with no obligation t make a deposit. Thi is a great way to get a feel for the games at the site and decide whether or not you think you might enjoy playin there for real money. In our online bingo section, you’ll find reviews of all these sites plus articles on bingo games, strategy and the best bingo sites for countr specific players. Not at least we cover the US situation and the best bingo sites with USA deposits.